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Future Living

While retelling the glamorous story of my visit to Moonbase Alpha recently, I remembered that I’d wanted to link to an even sexier recreation of life the Space: 1999 way. If you're like me, then living in the 21st century hardly feels like living in the future since you none of us have our own sleek, minimalist pod homes on the moon yet. Well, a woman named Catherine Bujold took matters into her own stylish hands and transformed her home into a sleek pod home on the moon, Alpha-style:


You really owe it to yourself to click that picture above and examine the entire gallery. You too will itch to live in the future.

Luckily, the very active Space: 1999 fan community is chock full of information about how to recreate the feel of Alpha, so if you hunt around you'll find links to enough blueprints, diagrams, and photo references to get your own moonbase ready long before NASA ever will.

Cutaway view of an Eagle

My own geekery is turned up a few notches by this combination of sci-fi and type: a pretty thorough guide to the graphics and typography of Moonbase Alpha. Swoon! Still, I have to admit that even though the show looked as gorgeous as all get-out, the typographic standards, like the episodes themselves, were pretty cringe-inducing. By the second season, fortunately, they tried to introduce signage to Alpha that was actually legible. Oh man, when I think about the lucky graphic designer (never shown in an episode, of course) whose job it would have been to redesign the signage plan and graphics for the base. I suppose that once they went soaring into outer space (yes, the Earth's moon somehow achieved the speeds necessary for interplanetary travel, even though it was always moving slowly enough for the Eagles to fly on and off it regularly.), trapped at their sexy moonbase job with no chance of a vacation — EVER — they wanted to be able to find their way around more easily.

As a special bonus, I’d also like to point you toward this excellent page of MP3 downloads of all the music featured on the show, including the various themes, background music, and a prettyy impressive array of covers, remixes, and alternate versions from foreign markets. Space out, my friends!

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