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It's Fundamental

In better news, I’ve been offered a spot in the typeface design program I’ve been investigating. It was awfully nice to feel such giddiness and awe about all the work they're doing, and then have them say that my weird, hodge-podge background has been perfect preparation for what goes on there.

I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about the more general graphic design programs I’ve looked into, no matter how badly I wanted to get into them. The longer I’ve worked as a designer, the more I’ve discovered areas of design I don't want to bother with. I had no idea there was something out there with all the bits I like but not the bits I loathe. (Well, maybe "loathe" is too strong a word, but you get the idea. Let's just say "redundant" or "extraneous" or something.) It's no mystery that I’ve always been a type geek, but I had no idea there was actually a way to study just that. No one but me has ever seemed to see the thread connecting the various kinds of work I’ve done over the years, so it's especially gratifying to hear that it's all been excellent preparation for what I’ve been too intimidated to try. I always thought type design was too big, too complicated, too important for a schlub like me to consider, but maybe I’d been building up to it all along.

So, assuming I can sort out all the stuff with the loans, it looks like I’m moving to England next October. Zoinks! More developments to come, no doubt.

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