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Give Me a Sign

As we get closer and closer to a developer's vision of Coney Island as a "Vegas by the Sea," you really owe it yourself to haul ass down to Stillwell Avenue and check out Coney Island's treasures before they get a shiney Times Square-style makeover.

This weekend I went on an AIGA Misguided Tour down to Coney to check out the scene in general, and to get a proper guided tour of all the signs n' stuff made by the Dreamland Artists Club, a project that has been getting artists to rejuvenate the classic tradition of hand-painted signs and ads that have made Coney such a feast for the eyes for so long.

For the last couple of years, Creative Time, the organizer of the whole thing, has been getting artists and boardwalk businesses together to try and inject a little life into the area. The businesses get free new signs in exchange for giving artists a (mostly) free hand in making a cool sign. This year, a bunch of the game booths have even started offering prizes made by a bunch of the artists, too, in case you already own a stuffed SpongeBob.

The best part of it, for me, is that it's often hard to tell the newer, more self-aware signs from the older stuff that they're referring to:

Shoot the Freak Swoon
Win Big Skin the Wire
Cream Teddy Bears
Cold Bear and Pizza Slice The
Clams and Beer Fried

This one's for all the font geeks in the house:


Can you spot where they removed the incorrect apostrophe?

And here we have an Ultrasparky Field Correspondent examining the local marine life:


So now that you're all excited, who wants to come with me next weekend to wander around at hit the special screening of The Warriors at next weekend's Coney Island Film Festival?

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