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Rocking Out

Thanks to a tip from Bill Roundy, who met up with Andy and me at the Mermaid Parade, I also got myself over to CBGB's last night for the last-ever Homocorps show before the club closes down this summer. It wasn't as full of familiar faces from all the previous shows as I’d hoped, but there was a sprinkling of pals, former flings, cute guys, sassy dykes, and great bands to ensure a diverting evening.

Hot back-up dancerCazwellA Dueling Bankhead
Da Lipstyxx3puen
A Dueling BankheadCarol Channing RoxxThe Velvet Mafia
Jonny McGovernJonny McGovern's posse

By the end of the night, I was kicking myself for not being a more diligent photographer. I only had my teeny emergency camera, though, since my regular one was recharging from its workout at the Mermaid Parade. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Dirty Excuse, maybe one of the best rock bands to come thundering into my world in a while. And I certainly didn't get enough pictures to do justice to Da Lipstyxx, who are fierceness incarnate, bless them.

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