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Dance, Mermaid, Dance!

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade was, once again, a blast. I would expect no less, but the looming redevelopment of the boardwalk area makes me fear that this may be the last time the Mermaid Parade is still a wonderful, messy burst of local character quite like this.

I love the parade more than anything else that happens in New York all year. It's the time when worlds collide, but in this case they always do it beautifully. The boardwalk is packed with every slice of life that the city has to offer, and everyone's just having fun soaking it all in. Dreamy.

Gender bending mermaid fun
From the green teamPair under a parasol
Everyone was staring at his basket
Punk with parrotMy hero
Dance, mermaid, dance!
Silver sea lifeThey probably had the best view
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