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Weddings and WYSIWYG

PJ rehearsingIn all the hubbub of last weekend, I never actually got a chance to report on all the goings on. My absurdly slow recovery was put to the test not only by a rare visit from my pal PJ, but also by a beautiful, debauched, overnight trip to New Haven for my pal Alex's wedding to his lovely bride, Tess.

PJ, of course, was in town for this month's WYSIWYG show (and shame on you for not going!), and the first chance he and I have ever had to see one another for more than a few hours at a shot. We had a swell, subdued couple of days to hang, thanks to a combination of weather, my stitches, fatigue from my sleepless night in New Haven, and our low-impact personalities. My tender abs could have done without our trip to MOMA and subsequent stroll down to the West Village, but I suppose I’m willing to suffer for art and good company.

Alex and Tess had already gotten married justice-of-the-peace style back in October, but now that the INS is off their backs they wanted to do it properly. And that they did, with a perfectly lit afternoon ceremony in an austere little white chapel followed by a swankified shindig at the New Haven Country Club. Mark and the other fellas successfully talked me into sticking around for the all-night bender back at their hotel, which finally ended at 4 a.m. when the gents all passed out and I hopped the first train back to New York. (I wisely grabbed a cat nap at some point, so I had just enough rest to compete with their drunken energy for most of the wee hours.) Pictures of the more presentable moments of the event below:

Tess and Alex, perfectly lit
Marc Lynn, catalog model Jay and Mark blow
Tom IS the best man Alex demurely giggles
Agnes and Elke cut a rug Marty has Mark's full attention
Tess and Alex, officially wed
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