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Brushes with Fame

OK, so I finally got sucked into Lost about halfway through the season, and I’m getting all worked up as the season finale approaches. I was feeding the frenzy by reading through this post over at my favorite TV blog, thinking how much I agree with the idea that Yunjin Kim has turned out to be one of my favorites on the show. So I follow that link to her bio, and it all clicks into place: Staten Island, the High School of Performing Arts, Boston University.

Yup, I knew her in high school, when my pal Scott and I started hanging out with her and some of her friends on the ferry. And went to college with her, too, although I never realized that even though we would have spent every day in the same building with one another for about three years.

Me and Yunjin, circa 1985

So there's yet another brush with Hollywood fame to add to my collection: Yunjin, Eddie, Gwyneth, Queer as Folk's Peter Paige (same scholarship program at the same college), and a handful of others who've ascended to varying degrees of success in the Biz.

And then we have Joel and Paul with their published works (that goddamn Eddie once published a book, too), and an assortment of other good friends who have gone on to do interesting, productive, and often successful things. Jerks.

I’m not bragging about what fab-u-luxe, glamorous people I know. (I do, but that’s all beside the point, and their charms owe nothing to me.) No, I’ve just been feeling for a while now that I’ve really squandered a lot of my potential. I haven't done all that much with all the imagination I’ve nurtured or skill I’ve amassed. I haven't produced all that much or achieved all that much, even though there are all sorts of things I do well. I’ve cut myself off at the pass a number of times, and those decisions have been weighing on me. I’ve done things of which I’m proud, but they've been more modest than I would have liked, or than they could have been. Maybe the trouble is that I’ve been more modest than I would have liked, and have neglected to push myself along the way I might have. Maybe sliding into relative poverty for the next year or so will give me a good kick in the pants. The frustration could be just what I need.

Unless it paralyzes me with misery. We'll see, eh?

Bonus Photo! Yunjin and her friends Marjorie and Jennifer. I totally had a crush on Marjorie, who coincidentally had gone to middle school with Eddie.

Yunjin and friends, circa 1985
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