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What You Saw

Last night's WYSIWYG — and this is no surprise — was another whiz-bang fun-fest. It was an honor and a treat to share a stage with such eclectic, charismatic, insightful talent. I think last night's crowd also had the largest number of people I know (or bloggers I know of and would like to know better) in the packed house, which was even more swell. Typically, there was too much hubbub before and after the show to chat up everyone there, but even if I did I’d only be weird, nervous, and shy since I was so amped up on performance anxiety.

I got laughs when I hoped to, so I guess my piece went over pretty well. I wrote the whole bit longhand while I was at jury duty (waste. of. time.) yesterday, so it'll be another day or three before I type the whole thing in and let you all see how expertly I recycled old jokes.

I didn't manage to get any pictures of myself, but there should be video clips available soon.

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