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Wasted Opportunity

Missed ConnectionMissed Connection (unposted): Skinny, Dark-Featured Guy With Almost-Handlebar Mustache at Gay-IGA — You sat next to me in the first row, right in front of Randy Jones and just to the right of the deaf guy and his ASL interpreter. With your darkish features, facial hair, and mouth you reminded me a bit of Freddie Mercury. You were lean, with just a touch of curvature to the muscles of your arms, and you wore cute sneakers. Your overall body language and the expressions I saw from time to time made you seem a little bashful, which is just too fucking adorable for words. We exchanged glances now and then, but nothing out of the ordinary. We exchanged smiles now and then during funny moments of the presentation, and I know there probably wasn't anything to them but I wanted there to be. Every time our arms brushed I felt a little rush of adrenalin, because I just wanted to lean into you and feel your whiskers brush against mine, feel the heat of you in the middle of that big open room. You didn't jump away when our arms touched, and I imagined that you were trying to touch me without being too conspicuous about it, just like I was doing with you. Even though I'll never know for sure if it was a shy flirtation of just a relaxed lack of consciousness, those flashes of contact were hot and sweet and they gave me a hard-on. I was dressed in conservative work clothes that made my stomach bulge a little more than I wished, and I wished I was wearing something cooler, sexier that might have looked more tempting. When the show was over it turned out you knew the cute guys sitting to my right, but I know you still looked right at me and not at them more then once during the night.

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