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Old Pals in the Old Town

I miss Brooklyn, a really special place I grew to love. I miss the Newtown gang, some of whom I’ve known for over 20 years now, and the really excellent wives and kids they've accumulated along the way. I miss my own school chums, and my more recent friends, none of whom I seem to get to see enough of. I even miss the Rooster, who I rarely get to spend enough time with, even though we live together and see each other all the time. In theory, I have a rich, full life. It just perpetually feels like I never have time to live it. Luckily, though, I get a few chances to catch up now and again:

At Coney Island

The Sterns frolic

The Ojalvos celebrate

The Jasons catch up

Little Stern

Big Stern

Kitty and Chris

Rachel reacts
(but not to the kitty)

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