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The Graham Norton After Effects

There was flooding in the subway tunnels all over the place this morning, so the crowding on the few trains creeping their way through the mess was out of control. Everyone was wet, crabby, and pushy, and tempers were flaring all over the place. True to form, the people who were angriest about getting knocked around by the soggy masses were the ones who had already shoved their way past others waiting patiently before them. Given a choice between getting to work on time and being comfortable and polite, I made my usual choice and steered clear of the stampeding herd as much as I could.

I certainly didn't want mundane commuting troubles to take the edge off my lingering bliss from last night. (Besides, today's my birthday! Yay.) Chris and I went to the taping of the second-to-last (unless he gets renewed for another season) episode of The Graham Norton Effect, and it was too, too much fun. Well, it was fun once the endless waiting on line beforehand was over. We realized during the wait that we weren't going to be pulled aside for any on-camera close-ups, but we scored excellent seats and will be totally visible during crowd shots.

Photo by Chris

Chris Rock and Marilyn Manson were the guests, and much hilarity ensued with so many wildly opposite personalities on one stage. I'll wait and see how much gets past the censors before I pass on any of the kookiness, but suffice to say it'll be a miracle if they can edit it all down to 40 minutes that can be viewed in mixed company. (And I know for a fact that the viewing public will never be treated to the incredible story about George Michael, his internet trick, the drug-fueled threesome, and the mix CDs.) The episode ought to air in about three weeks, but I'll give a reminder before then so you can set your Tivos. (Because I know you're a tech-savvy Tivo crowd, bless you.)

Photo by me
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