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Rocking Out

Life, as you may have learned, is full of surprises. Last night, for example, I discovered that some old chums have secretly transformed into a really excellent band. Now, I’ve known for a while that they've been turning years of experience with jamming, karaoke, and general noodling around into an actual band — Brownbelt — but I had no idea that it had come together so well. It's no surprise that the gents are talented, but I’ve never seen them focus so much on this particular range of talents, and it was really excellent to see (well...hear) what's come of all that pent-up musicality. Here's a taste:

Brownbelt — Central Time

brown belt brown belt brown belt brown belt brown belt

Brownbelt shares a practice space with a band called The Sex Slaves, and I always get a kick out of seeing the division of the room. On one side, the fellas have set up instruments, keyboards, Macs, microphones, amps, and other equipment all tethered together by a rat's nest of cables (and a smattering of beer cans and ashtrays). On the other, it looks like a heavy metal band exploded, leaving a pile (a somewhat orderly pile, granted) of nudie centerfolds, flyers for the The Man Scouts of America, Kiss memorabilia, and other detritus of a Life in Rock. When worlds collide, it's pretty wacky.

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