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Freaky Gay Celebrity

The latest issue of The Advocate has a cover feature on hunka hunka Johnny Knoxville, doing the promotional circuit to pimp A Dirty Shame, and he's totally up-front and easygoing about the gay following he and his frequently naked Jackass cohorts have developed over the years:

I know a lot of gay guys who were huge Jackass fans because it had the most male nudity on TV. Did you ever hear from those fans?
When we were out in public, people would come up and say nice things. There's times when they've been a little physical.

A little or a lot?
A lot. I’m trying to think of one guy's line: I was in a bar in the East Village and this guy comes up and grabs my package, and I forget the exact verbiage, but the idea was that he really wanted to fuck me. He had one hand on my package and the other hand around my shoulder. And I was surprised and like, "that’s very sweet of you. Thank you very much."

Folks, this should come as no surprise to any of you. It certainly comes as no shock to me, considering that my infamous "Freaky Gay Porn" entry still ranks as one of the top search-engine destinations on this entire site. The gays love Jackass, and you can watch the show for about two minutes and figure out why. And bless their fun-loving, homoeroticized, souls, the fellas don't seem troubled by the attention.

And for the record, that wasn't me who grabbed Johnny Knoxville's crotch. But only because I’m too shy to be that direct. I certainly agree with the sentiment, though.

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