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My Fellow Subversionists

It's hard to even start writing about the whole gay marriage controversy, because I feel so strongly about it and because I think it ties into so many different dynamics swirling around in modern society. I freely 'fess up to my bias, of course: I’m gay and I wanna get married. To expand a teensy bit more: if I’m going to make the major effort (and endless mini-efforts) of committing to someone who I care about so deeply, then I want to enjoy the many benefits (and yes, even the responsibilities) that the law bestows on other couples in order to encourage stability for each of those couples and the society in which they live.

I don't care if your religion approves or not: I’m not asking it to. But our government claims to function separately from religion, and it grants legal rights to married couples that have nothing whatsoever to do with the religious affiliations of married couples. If the law grants each individual the full rights of adult citizens I can't see how a couple can be denied the full rights of any two other citizens who choose to pair up. that’s why I can't accept the idea of any legislation that chooses to make a distinction between gay or straight couples: if there's a precedent for restricting the rights of a gay couple, then it also sets a precedent for restricting the rights of the individuals involved.

But there I go ranting on and on when what I meant to say was: Look at how many people I care about and respect are taking a stand on this: Aaron and Keith, Mark and Rich, David and Mark, Nancy and Cynthia, and of course Phyllis and Del and all the other folks who've grabbed this opportunity. Look at the pictures and read the stories: these aren't people doing this to rend the very fabric of society or make a mockery of what you hold dear. These are people who want to share their lives with someone they love, and want that effort to count for something.

Aaron and Keith
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