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Geek Lashes Out

I was too lazy last week to mention how much this Times article struck a chord with me, but it certainly gave me a moment to feel grateful that someone, somewhere paused to acknowledge the plight of the friendly nerd. I happily dispense technical advice on a regular basis, since I feel like most stuff I know isn't that hard for people to work out once they're given a little direction. I’m occasionally stunned, though, by certain questions that seem to appear out of nowhere from the shadowy, distant time before computers were an everyday thing.

A regular reader of this site (I’m sorry to use you as an example, because I’m not mad or anything, but it's just a good example) wrote me this morning to ask about the "Hello" message that came from me (or rather, came in an e-mail with my address in the header). He said he didn't seem to have the right software to open up the .scr file attached to the message, and he was wondering what I e-mailed because there was no explanation. Strangely enough, the MyDoom mail that dissipated after the last couple of weeks suddenly started flooding my inbox again. Sigh.

Kids, be careful out there, and pay a little more attention. Nerds can only do so much to help if you're not trying on your own.

(P.S.: I don't want to do too much Mac-user gloating, as that may only invite karmic retribution, but I’m willing to point to others doing so as they address this problem in this thread from the Apple support forum.)

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