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Defiling the G5

I’m nerding out for a second, brace yourself: There's been a link making the rounds about an alleged case modification to a G5 by some kid who wanted a Dell for Christmas but only got this crappy G5. Assuming this isn't all a hoax (which the folks on the Overclockers forum seem to think it may be), this kid didn't want to disappoint his beloved folks by selling his extravagant gift (whatever happened to getting socks and sweaters for Christmas, anyway?), so instead he ripped out the guts, gave them to a friend, and installed some sub-rate PC motherboard and some cheesy lighting so he could still run his web browser in XP. As you can imagine, people are going apeshit over the thought of such travesty.

Reading through the forum posts about this, I came across a little G5 gallery that devotes so much fawning attention to the details of the G processor and case that it almost feels like you're reading someone's diary of dirty, shameful fantasies. (Like, on a blog or something.) Pretty, but almost a little sticky.

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