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Freaky Gay Porn

No one was more surprised than me, but it turns out that Jackass: The Movie is the funniest gay porn I’ve ever seen in my life.

Johnny KnoxvilleI mean, I was just hoping for a quick glance at Johnny Knoxville's butt and maybe a derisive chuckle or two, but I left the theater cramped over from laughing so hard (not to mention cringing an awful lot, usually while laughing at the same time). It strays so often into the realm of all-guy, potty-obsessed lewdness that it really does come across as an edgy porn movie, over and over again. Most of the guys are pretty hot, and they almost never wear much besides droopy pants and sneakers. When they're doing a lot of the stunts, they're usually doing them in jockstraps or skimpy underwear. And I thought to myself more than once: "This is pretty funny, but I know people who do stuff like this pretty regularly because it's a turn-on." Sure, that may be another variety of edgy behavior altogether, but it was pretty interesting to see how often the big challenge for these guys amounted to be being dropped into the middle of an S/M movie to see if they could take it. For Pete's sake, one of the first images of the movie is the name of the production company: Dickhouse.

In some ways, it's a brilliant piece of absurdist theatre, Granted, that may be unintentional, but after reading this article and also realizing that Spike Jonze was involved, I think there may be a whole lot more consciousness of the many layers to this than I would have given it credit for right off the bat.

No, it sure ain't for the squeamish, but it's a hoot.

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