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Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping

I need to find a way to stop sleeping altogether. I need those eight hours to be much more productive, or I’m never going to get a damn thing done. With an extra eight hours of usefulness during the day I could make some headway on my growing list of arty/crafty projects, I could sort through my 3,000 MP3s, I could write more, I could find time to catch up with friends and family, I could return phone calls, I could exercise, I could clean my apartment. It would be incredible!

But my problem isn't the lethargy that had been dogging me for so long. I’ve been feeling great for a while now sharp as a tack and full of ideas and eager to participate in the world at large again and at first I was worried that my months of depression might be balanced out by a period of mania. Well, I think I’m just normal when I’m not depressed. If I had any trace of mania, I could get a whole lot more done.

In between the running of my many errands, attending a lecture and a movie, and other assorted puttering, I managed to co-host (along with the damnably perky Glenn) a whizbang shindig this past Saturday. It was the most people we ever had in the Swanktuary at one time: a whopping 38! That was a pretty impressive crowd for a dreary, rainy Saturday night, but the place still seemed relatively empty. (I heart my enormous, cheap, treasure-filled apartment.) Minor details appear on the web sites of some of the 15 or so bloggers who were there, if you feel like hunting through the links page. I was glad to meet a bunch of new people, from both online worlds and off, including a few I’d been trying to lure over for a while now. (Gratuitous plug: Maybe So, put together by Josh's sister's boyfriend, pits user-submitted jokes against one another to determine how funny they are with a Darwinistic approach.)

I intended to keep some things running on the TV for background imagery, but my choices were too compelling: at one point half the guests became transfixed by the voluptuous horror of The Star Wars Holiday Special and my episode of Wonder Woman dubbed in Portuguese. As an added bonus, a few people even got to see selected scenes from a Colombian soap opera in which an old ex-boyfriend of mine overacts in the most spectacular fashion. Thrills!

Oh, I also went to go see Bowling for Columbine, which was both funny and incredibly thought-provoking. You really owe it to yourself to see it.

I suppose there's more to write about, but I’m just not in verbal mode very often these days. The return of my creative juices has kept my mind racing, but not in ways that lend themselves to explanation. I want to make things and play and hang around and stuff. I’m almost tempted to say I feel like taking a break from the site, but we all know that’s nonsense. If I did, fifteen minutes later I’d think of an epic post that would make you laugh, cry, think, and take to the streets in protest! Oh well, I guess I'll just go home and make some paper and save us all the trouble.

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