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Call me SparkyOne of my latest ongoing projects has veered into the nebulous world of fashion, believe it or not. Fashion isn't much of a preoccupation of mine (which may be obvious if you see me in the flesh), but I think I may be on to something: iron-on flocking! In my eternal quest to collect beautiful, goofy, weird, or random typography (Typographic things are the only stuff I really collect. All the other junk I have just seems to find its way to me.), I’ve started hoarding lots of old wooden type and iron-on letters and numbers of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Now, with the help of the wide varety of inexpensive shirts and jackets at H&M and various thrift stores, I’ve started applying all kinds of typographic designs to shirts and junk. It's mostly been for presents and stuff so far (and I think typographic clothing will be the theme of this year's Christmas craft efforts), but I’m also planning on hawking stuff here on the site before long. You'll be able to pick from things I’ve already made, or you can make requests: send me some clothing and some words to work with, or send me some favorite phrases and have them expressed with typographic élan on a cheap Swedish t-shirt. Get yours now!

This whole thing is part of a pattern that’s been emerging. The more my professional life immerses me in computer junk, the more my personal work turns toward making things. I like things you can see and touch. Even as a graphic designer, tactility has been a big concern of mine. These days, I like to use my hands to do things, not computers. I’m collecting the means of production and using my former-factory digs as, well a factory. Papermaking, bookbinding, collage, printmaking, iron-ons, letterpress, silkscreening (and you'd be surprised how easy it is to find all this stuff for next-to-nothing on eBay) it's all so easy to start exploring, and the results can be so satisfying. Running a web site is fun and interesting, but it's also ephemeral. I want to see things and hold things, and hand things to peope as gifts and see how they react to what they can touch. It's good stuff.

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