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Satisfied Customer

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Jessie's summary of his visit a couple of weeks ago. He's finally posted the first part of a few, as well as a beautiful photo gallery of his time here.

I don't think I’ve ever babbled much here about how fantastic a photographer I think he is: I usually do that in comments on his site, or in pep-talky e-mails. He knocks my socks off, though. He's got a good eye, and I know from watching the way he sets up shots and waits for the perfect moment that it's not accidental by any means. My favorite quality of his pictures one I can never quite seem to get in my own comes from his ability to photograph quiet moments and empty spaces in a very resonant way. I tease him about his pictures of nothing, but what he really does is take moments of nothing and draw something out of them. Damn him.

I miss Jessie. We got on like gangbusters from the first day we met, and he's just been a better and better pal ever since. I’m glad he got to see the magic of my home town through my eyes, and I’m glad to see it again through his.

Me in my loft. Photo by Jessilicious.

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