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Qwe're Boys

I turned 32 yesterday, but instead of spending the day celebrating my birthday, I spent it celebrating New York City's expanded Human Rights Law at the Qwe're Music Fest with a couple hundred festive liberals from all over the gender spectrum. I didn't know much more about the show when I went over other than that a few of my favorite acts from around town were playing short sets, but soon after I got there I realized it was whole big tranny-fest that restored my faith in New York as the most spectacular place on earth.

The audience was the standard mix of queer and pro-queer Williamsburg/East Village/Losaida hip kids, but without the jaded cynicism that usually brings. Everyone was totally festive and totally cheering on all the drag queens and trannies and assorted folk who took to the stages on both floors of the Fez. I swear, this blew all my expectations out of the water. The acts rocked and ranted and rapped and sang and pranced. Whether you were looking at the audience or the stage, you got better theater than I’ve seen in a while. Better still because it was just a bunch of gutsy folk doing their thang.

The whole thing was all about gender and the many ways to blur the lines between male and female. Granted, all the pro-gender-freedom rhetoric was preaching to the choir, but there was still plenty on display to make one think. There was a definite political slant to the whole show, despite the splashiness of the performances, and a lot of angry rants about ongoing violence against people in the transgender community. Also, it was a startling thing to discover that a whole bunch of the hot guys in the audience turned out to be female-to-male transexuals. Before long, I couldn't be too sure about anyone in the room. That was quite a head trip.

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