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Big Bang Theory

My sex life gets more theoretical by the day. In theory, it's on its way to becoming richer and more satisfying, but the stark reality is that’s been a while since I’ve gotten laid and this kid is getting frustrated.

I was dating a guy who I really fell for just as our sex life evaporated for a number of reasons, and then I wans't so eager to look for rebound booty once our dating life evaporated and we passed into just-friendship. The whole experience of getting involved with someone really outstanding, though, reminded me of what I’d been learning all along: I think sex, or even no-strings-attached (in the metaphoric sense, heh heh) play with people I know and like for more than their bodies, is much more intense and satisfying than trolling for random booty. Because of that, I haven't really been making much effort to grab any old piece of ass that’s come within my reach.

Instead, I’ve had an eye out for guys who are really interesting, even if it's clear that it's just for play and not for eventual involvement. As I once explained, I’m all for play as long as it's not just run-of-the-mill scratching of the itch: I’ve had enough of that over the years to realize it doesn’t scratch the right itch for me. Still, I’m getting horny...oh my, yeah. And I’ve been cultivating some interesting potential playdates, but life has been ridiculously hectic and my cultivation has been requiring a lot of patience, and a lot of creative flirtation to make sure the interest doesn't fade.

And with all this theorizing I’ve had time to really be imaginative, so the end of my slump ought to be quite a hootenanny. Fellas, take note.

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