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March 2002

WTC Once Again

A report on the World Trade Center collapse is summarized in the New York Times today, filled with investigators. conclusions about what exactly caused the towers to come down. The article itself is fascinating, and clear enough for the layperson to get the jist of (some excellent information graphics, too).

What still surprises me, though, is how visceral my reaction still is when I read about what happened. At this point I’m numb enough to casual mention of the whole thing, but whenever I read or see something that goes into greater depth about that day, I get the same sick, sorrowful feeling all over again. It's that same feeling I had standing on the street, staring down Park Avenue at the plumes of smoke, and then again watching the fires burn and the towers drop out of the view from conference room on my floor at work. In a way, I’m glad my memories haven't been too dulled by the months of overprocessing the event. It's uncomfortable, but still good to get a reminder of my reaction without all the cultural baggage that’s been heaped onto that day ever since.

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