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Hot Naked Boys

This morning's drawing class was a total scene. I don't know why there were suddenly three times as many people there as usual, but I suspect that somehow word got out that we were gonna be having a hot, flirty Latino guy modelling for us. The troll vibe in the room was unmistakeable, and pretty comical (in an irritating sort of way). Not only did the guy running the class make a special point of introducing him to all of us (which he's never done before), but at the end all these guys applauded the model. "Wow, that sure was some great sitting still and flexing you did. Thanks!" Good grief.

There was this one old queen, who Michael and I caught mid-snit while he was trying to find the room, who was chattering away on one of the breaks about the erotic drawing class he attended earlier in the week, swearing the whole time that it was a waste because the model wasn't nearly as hot as Carlos, this morning's quickly objectified hunk, and besides, "it's not like the guys had big erections the whole time or anything."

I was having trouble concentrating for the first half of the class, but for other reasons altogether. I nearly had an unexpected meltdown while watching the model once it dawned on me that he really reminded me of an old boyfriend who left the country after a brief, highly charged romance, leaving me with crabs and a grudge about a few other things. Luckily, I was able to suppress all those distacting feelings and force myself to get back to worrying about anatomy and draftsmanship.

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