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February 2002

More Naked Chicks

In other news, the life-drawing classes are still going well, and I really am getting back into the swing of things. It's less and less of a struggle to actually draw what I’m trying to draw. So yeah, good weekend.

My Record Speak for Itself

The dear Mr. Pannett has been trying to convince me this morning that I have no reason to hate The Day That Dare Not Speak Its Name in My Presence. He's misguided, but sweet:

Hot Naked Boys

This morning's drawing class was a total scene. I don't know why there were suddenly three times as many people there as usual, but I suspect that somehow word got out that we were gonna be having a hot, flirty Latino guy modelling for us. The troll vibe in the room was unmistakeable, and pretty comical (in an irritating sort of way). Not only did the guy running the class make a special point of introducing him to all of us (which he's never done before), but at the end all these guys applauded the model. "Wow, that sure was some great sitting still and flexing you did. Thanks!" Good grief.

There was this one old queen, who Michael and I caught mid-snit while he was trying to find the room, who was chattering away on one of the breaks about the erotic drawing class he attended earlier in the week, swearing the whole time that it was a waste because the model wasn't nearly as hot as Carlos, this morning's quickly objectified hunk, and besides, "it's not like the guys had big erections the whole time or anything."

I was having trouble concentrating for the first half of the class, but for other reasons altogether. I nearly had an unexpected meltdown while watching the model once it dawned on me that he really reminded me of an old boyfriend who left the country after a brief, highly charged romance, leaving me with crabs and a grudge about a few other things. Luckily, I was able to suppress all those distacting feelings and force myself to get back to worrying about anatomy and draftsmanship.

The Hardest Working Man in Show Business

Now that I’m back in the freelance loop, the work from Thirteen is turning from a trickle to a flood. This isn't so bad, since it means some extra cash and a chance to do some things that exercise the other half of my brain a bit. It sure is taking its toll on my free time, though. At least winter is a good time for this, since I tend not to go out as much, but it is keeping me from seeing my assorted pals as much as I’d like. This, of course, also helps me save money, which is good. Even if it is a little dull and antisocial. (I promise, kids, I haven't forgotten about any of you.)

Thirteen is the best place I’ve ever worked, and over the years they've been very good about letting me turn to them when I needed some work and then giving me chances to do some really good stuff, so I’m happy to make a little extra effort to keep that relationship going. If they could only pay me a decent salary, I would have hitched up to them on a permanent basis a long time ago. As it is, they're like an old friend who I love dearly and don't see that often, but we can always count on each other in a pinch. (And I’m certainly feeling pinched these days.)

Of course, my specialty at Thirteen (and elsewhere) has always been banging out text-heavy projects with a good, solid design in as little time as possible, so I’m not exactly getting the projects that would give me the freedom to really stretch my creative boundaries. Maybe that'll change, or maybe I'll get a lucky break with a project on a looser schedule than most. For now, I’m relying on some of my strengths as a designer — quick, decisive, lucid typography and composition — and trying to not to completely ignore my weaknesses — decisiveness over exploration, clean and easy solutions instead of the richer and more layered concepts I’m capable of if I push hard enough. My weird see-saw of a career has always given me time to try all kids of different things, and eventually return to any of them that suited me. No need to be impatient. For now, just bring on the bling-bling and see where it gets me this time.


Oh, please don't make me go to work today. This would be an excellent reason to stay indoors all day. Even thoug the Giant Noisy Jet-Engine Heater isn't especially efficient at keeping the place toasty, it does just enough to make it awfully cozy to spend a day under blankets in bed or on the couch. But no, my three jobs await...

Wasn't it 60 degrees a week ago? Yes, I believe it was. I knew we were gonna have to pay for that.

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