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Road Trip Fever

I’d hate to squander this fun conversation with my pal Beau:

RhageRN: Hmm...I’m trying to win the road-trip Pontiac contest. Interested in a road-trip to visit favorite bloggers across the country?
UltraSparky: Oh hell yeah!
UltraSparky: It'd be a Blog Sweeps Week
UltraSparky: So what exactly do you win?
RhageRN: A Pontiac and a paid road trip
UltraSparky: Nice!
RhageRN: Roadtripping in a car with four people across the US...
RhageRN: hmmm
UltraSparky: "Max, throw a roast in the oven — we're a-comin'!"
RhageRN: Exactly!
RhageRN: We'd need costumes
UltraSparky: We should go Road Warrior style — all leather, stubble, and bad attitude
RhageRN: Yeah...and cockrings.
RhageRN: Though that will be our inside secret
UltraSparky: Chinese throwing cockrings, incase we need weapons
RhageRN: Right.
UltraSparky: Fag Force Four
RhageRN: You'd think Pontiac would be all over us...'cause not only could they film a TV commercial around us, they could do web-broadcasts live from the road
RhageRN: It's MULTIMEDIA promotion
UltraSparky: Right? We're inherently multimedia...We're grass-roots. We're viral.
RhageRN: Damn..should have added that in to the submission
UltraSparky: Well, get someone else to take that angle.
RhageRN: We're TODAY...we're more topical then obstructive pretzel nuggets
RhageRN: I’d think that we'd HAVE to end up in SF...where it just so happens an object of UltraSparky's affection resides.
UltraSparky: The happy ending to the long journey. Perfect ad copy.
RhageRN: Think they'll figure out we all suck dick?
RhageRN: 'Cause that doesn't make good copy in today's moral climate.
UltraSparky: But if we parlay that into media glamour — with good style and snappy retorts — no one will care.
UltraSparky: We may have to play down the booty calls
RhageRN: We'll need new haircuts
RhageRN: And the most UP TO DATE music
RhageRN: Sorta like Queer As Folk on four wheels...only well-written and with believable gay men
UltraSparky: Spreading our message of love and gossip across the land
RhageRN: Exactly
RhageRN: There'll be sequels
RhageRN: We'll be the biggest thing in commercial TV since that romancing couple for Folgers
UltraSparky: "Pack four sassy webloggers (look it up) together and have us visit the rest of our far-flung circle of minor media personalities. Zany, witty good fun, documented on everyone's sites at every step of the way. We're adventurous, we're multimedia, we make (and write) good copy. And we're photogenic! It'd be the perfect American adventure."
RhageRN: LOL
RhageRN: Perfect
RhageRN: If they don't pick you...then they SUCK
UltraSparky: I’m blogging this conversation, by the way
RhageRN: You're not
UltraSparky: Yuh huh. With judicious editing.
RhageRN: You should formulate a road map in your who'd you see and how'd you get there.
RhageRN: So when they call, you can knock their socks off with this, your perfect dream roadtrip
UltraSparky: Exactly

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