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Farewell, TV

TV is going away once and for all.

Well, sorta. The tiny South Pacific archipelago of Tuvalu, owner of the lucrative .tv top-level domain, is succumbing to the effects of global warming and sinking beneath the sea. Its 11,000 inhabitants will probably be evacuated to New Zealand (apparently Australia turned down their request for safe haven), and presumably a number of them will be trotted around to various conferences to speak about what the climatic consequences of global warning has done to them.

Tuvalu has a pretty high profile for a tiny group of islands on the other side of the world, mostly due to the lucky two-letter national code granted to it by the ISO 3166 standard. Saddled with an enviable top-level domain all its own, Tuvalu has been making news for cashing in on this whole Internet brouhaha. So as tragic as this is, no doubt environmental activists will be able to capitalize on the demise of an entity with a little name-dropping value.

I wonder, though, what will become of .tv now that the country to which it was assigned will no longer exist. Will the .TV Corporation still be allowed to sell the domain? Will the domain be eliminated? Will someone else be granted it? Will the former residents of Tuvalu remain incorporated as some kind of entity that can still maintain control of the domain and reap its rewards? Naturally, the U.S. news today is all about military stuff, so there's not much to be learned just yet about unfortunate, fortunate Tuvalu.

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