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Dragging My Ass

You know, for all the weeping and whining, I know that a lot of the lethargy and the mopeyness of the last couple of months is just part of my little natural rhythm. I get depressed by the end of winter. It's been cold and dark for too long, there's still more on its way, and my body and mind react. Whatever. still, I feel like when I wasn't actually travelling in February I gave in too much to all the depression. Now, with a number of circumstances giving me a better excuse to whine, I kind of feel like I wasted all that depression. Of course, I’m a pragmatic bastard by nature, so once things actually go wrong, I’m much more likely to be constructive, even though I may be fighting against a bad attitude and a desire to just curl up on the couch and eat a lot of ice cream. (Mmmmmmm, sweet fatty goodness.)

So I’m being pragmatic now, or at least dealing with a lot of my to-do list so that I’m ready to be pragamatic when the time comes. I’ve been kicking myself in the ass, forcing myself up off the couch (comfy as it is in all its blue-Muppet-fur coziness) and making myself do shit around the house so I don't forget that I’m capable of being active. I thrifted some new furniture and rearranged the Rumpus Room. I’ve been photographing and auctioning off a ton of old clothes, boots, kitschy books, and porn on eBay. I’ve been coding and memo-writing like a mad fiend at work. I’ve been catching up on movies, DVD rentals, and even reading up a storm.

I’ve even been finding time to look after myself and my sick friends (who are doing quite well, by the way, considering). I may not be all sunshine and roses, but I’m damn sick of being a lazy sod about it.

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