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Soaking It In

I haven't been in a great mood lately, what with all the work I’ve had to do and the recent discovery that a misunderstanding between my friend Simon and I has screwed up his and his boyfriend's summer vacation, so I’ve just shut down and slipped into passive, therapeutic, media-consumption mode for the last few days. Not so exciting socially, but great for blog content!

Luckily, my Amazon Wish List has finally provided me with some new books to read, so I’ve had a nice break from my daily AvantGo news feeds and those periodic issues of Wired and Wallpaper* (like the good little fag I am). After rereading David sedaris' Barrel Fever, one of my all-time favorites, I was finally able to satisfy my thirst for new material with his latest, Me Talk Pretty One Day, which was the tiniest bit uneven but still funny as hell. After plowing through that little gem in a day or so, I was able to dig in to the copy of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon that my mom gave me, which is rocking my world and making my head explode, just like all stephenson's books do. Aside from his charming flair for pop-culture detail and his sharp sense of humor, I think what really sucks me in to his writing is the way he writes about science and technology as a cool, vital part of the story, not just a cheap, science-fiction hook to propel the story along.

On the movie front, I caught (as I occasionally do under circumstances which I will not explain here) some absolutely awful late-night movies on cable — the half-assed thriller Natural Enemy and the ludicrously comic-booky The Loveless (the costume design for which seems to have been inspired by Tom of Finland and The Wild One and then put through a sanitizing, revisionist, heterosexual filter). Today, after sleeping very late (due to the same unexplained circumstances) I dragged my butt out to run a coupe of errands and wound up spending all day at the four-dollar movie theater, hiding from heat, humidity, and ennui by catching summer flicks I hadn't managed to see yet. Mission: Impossible II, the completely inane action cartoon starring Tom Cruise's jawline and Dougray Scott's accent, was ridiculous but not without a cheap thrill or two. I don't think I was supposed to laugh out loud as much as I did, though. After that (and a quick walk outside the lobby to check the heat and remind myself that I didn't want to go back outside) I went to go see Road Trip, during which I was supposed to laugh out loud as much as I did. It was exactly the bawdy, goofy teen romp I was hoping it would be. Not great, and perhaps not memorable in the long run, but definitely fun. I have to give props to a movie that fills its happy-ending wrap-up with heterosexual anal stimulation, chubby-chasing miscegenation, and groundbreaking pot research.

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