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A Little Seashore Getaway

For the first time in almost three years, I am actually away on vacation. My pal Miki and I, who always splurge on something for our birthdays each year, have rented my Aunt Lee and Uncle John's guest cottage down on Long Beach Island, along the Jersey shore. It is suh-weet! This is also the first chance I’ve had in quite a long time to just kick back for a bit (really kick back, not just collapse and do nothing because I don't have the energy to continue working or thinking anymore). Even my last trip — Brazil back in '97/'98 — was more of an example of traveling than vacationing, an important distincton in terms of how much of a chance to relax you actually get while on the road. Usually when I get away, I travel — I stay on my feet, I do exciting things, I go interesting places. It's very rare that I vacation — just go somewhere to nap and read and swim and chill out. It's a nice change of pace.

I’ve been coming to this same place on Long Beach Island my whole life, and renting the place by myself or with friends for the last eight years or so. It's great to come to a place that’s different from my everyday routine, but where everything is soothingly familiar at the same time. There's no awkward adjustment period where I try to learn my way around and settle in: I just drop my bags and let the relaxation begin.

My back has been having muscle spasms all day as it struggles to stay tense. Bastard! I'll show those shoulders that they won't keep me down. I'll be like Jello by the end of the week.

It's also a good time to veg out and spend some time soaking up the Olympics. I'll grant that the Olympics may not be as pure and noble as people often like to think, but they are head and shoulders above regular professional sports. I truly enjoy watching the Olympics, because there's a lot more spirit on display. The summer Olympics, in particular, are a lot of fun, because they include my two most favorite, most hunk-tastic events — the men's gymnastics and the men's swimming. They're a wonderful combination of my normal appreciation for yummy male beefcake, and my desire for the world to have actual superheroes. These lovely gents at least dress the part.

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