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The Good vs. The Bad and the Ugly

Good Lo-Tech

Bad Hi-Tech

Datebooks, Address Books, etc.
Immediate access as long as you have the presence of mind to keep them with you

Databases and Electronic Calendars
Vulnerable to power outages and and disk crashes; it takes a long time for your computer to start up just to get a friend's number for a thirty-second call to an answering machine

Nice, Solid Wood Furniture
Easily repaired and looks better with age

Any Furniture from Ikea
Sure it looks sleek, but it's often wobbly after a while, and that formica-covered pressed wood is awful to the touch

Stationery and a Nice Pen
Nothing says "I care" like a handwritten letter

Word Processors
A note to a friend should never look like a memo from the boss

A Screwdriver, a Pair of Pliers, and Gaffer's Tape
Can be used to fix almost anything with a little imagination

Telephone Tech Support
Punching buttons to get through a complex maze only to wait and then have someone condescend to second-guess everything you've already tried

Incandescent Lamps and Candles
Warm and soothing

Flourescent Light Fixtures
"My, what an attractive complexion you have;" Flickers just enough to be annoying

SLR Cameras
The crappiest 35mm camera from the Salvation Army can still produce a picture with rich color and good detail as long as you hold it pretty steady

Any Affordable Digital Camera
One-tenth the quality at four times the price. Don't even get me started

Leather, Silk, Cotton

Naugahyde, Acetate, Nylon



Touch it, smell it, taste it, do it now

Virtual reality
Wait for it, pay for it

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